Friday, February 27, 2009


Mispellings coming to haunt you.

The government is now working on U.S.D.N.A.C's - Which stands for Underground Sewer D.N.A checks.

Also T.C.D.N.A.C's which stands for trash consumption,D.N.A checks.

commencement by gov. rep. Regardless Devon.. Keep up with the government news.......

(This bottom portion has,been sent too:Government,citizens,News Papers,Journalalist in the world.)

We as the government need's too start processing, U.S.D.N.A.C's, this process is the reading of all Feeces and human waste,from underground septic system.This reading is too find out if someone,is dead before police and other government officials find out, and with out having a physical, copy of their D.N.A or finger prints.

Also too locate missing people by ceman,urine and septicness.
Every single house and or buliding in the world has an septic system, number that comes back too their house/business.

This process reads even the urine of someone who have urinated,in the grass, and or streets.

Now crimanals who are running from the police, probaly couldin't analyze that every time they use the restroom, that they're loseing physical evidence of D.N.A.

Stateing that's the easy part.

Seperating D.N.A genetics,is the hard part.
Their is more than 100'dred plus gentic's.

phermones,race,heritage,mental,D.N.A,Sexual,Area,and also street gentics.
(This is a example but there are many more..)

What we as the government should do is configure the prospectus.

I'm working on analytical charts and assumptions,by using sewer maps.
graphical charts of evidence.
cyclidrincal functions.
and graphical wave length systems---

(I know that the government knows,what too do too get this process started,and i trust the commencement.....)